Thursday, March 9, 2017

Chandle light meditation. This meditation will take you to Arupa diyana .

I bow and worship all the gurus behind this meditation first .... 

To do this meditation you must take a candle and light it.  Keep it about one feet away from your eye site (don't keep it too close your eye will damage).  Keep the candle to avoid neck aches may be straight to your eye likewise you can comfortably arrange it. Any way the main thing is safety first.

 Look at the candle normally don’t stare  (make sure not to damage your eye and don’t look at until your eyes fill with tears) and close your eyes and look at the candle light using your brain imagination from inside your mind. If you point the imagination of candle light for middle of your eye brows while your eyes closed it’s better.

 Anyway the science is that candle light came inside your mind………. when you look at the outside candle light and close your eyes and see it through imagination. The main point is that imagination light came in to your mind.  

Keep looking at that outer candle light and close your eyes and look at that candle light through imagination by pointing it to middle of your eye browse as long as the imagination candle light can keep. Then when you lost the imagination of the candle light again open your eyes and look at the candle light and take the nimitha and close your eyes and look at it through your brain imagination about 5 to 10 minutes it’s up to you until you have the brain image of candle light.

Do this exercise for minimum one hour per a day daily but don’t over do it. From about three months you will able to see around you from closed eye even in dark. You will able to
see un sheen and  you  will revel lot of hidden talents of mind.  

Pointing the candle light to middle of your eye brows is not important if it is hard please ignore it. But if you do it It's better.

Look at around tip of the candle light then the bright light reflection will come inside when you close your eye.

After doing this exercise sit on a quiet place and cry to visualise the candle light without looking at it for about half and hour.

My Experian’s

This meditation was thought to me by a open mind person he can tell past future and read minds. He is an expert.....

One of my good friend got the third eye vision from this.  

I did this once for few days I got the vision and I was able to astral project from this meditation.  


If anything went wrong meet a doctor psychiatric  ( I don’t think this will happen because I blocked all the bugs  no holes don’t be afraid to do it……………….. people read minds from this technology.   ) 

Be happy for doing this meditation it is a huge merit............
Be a Good person religion is no matter. If you succeed teach this meditation for many as you can. And teach them to be a good person.

  • Don’t kill Animals.
  • Don’t take drugs even alcohol or a beer.
  • Don’t thief people’s property.
  • Don’t tell lies.
  • Don’t sexually misconduct.
  • Don’t hurt people. 
  • Love each other
  • Be a good person that all we need to see.
  • Don't do any other meditations while doing this Exercise. 

GOOD LUCK.......

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